All of the wedding photos in this gallery are Copyright of Syman Kaye at Perceptive Photography.  By displaying such a large wedding gallery I hope to give you a clear insight into the type and variety of photos you will receive.
Although I put these images up at a good web quality they are still only a fraction of the true quality.  The best thing to do is come to my studio and meet me for a coffee and informal chat. One of the most important things in booking your photographer is that you feel comfortable with them. We can have a look at some of my previous work and albums and discuss your day in detail. I’ll also explain how I work and what you can expect from the package you are interested in. Looking through my work  together will also allow us to gauge the type of photographs that appeal to you. I am able to shoot in lots of different styles and use lots of different approaches to achieve different results. Some people prefer a completely documentary photography style and approach with no posing at all and just a few group shots. Some people want more choreographed photos with attention to detail, posing and styling.  Most people want a subtle combination of the two.  I encourage you not to book me on the day of our first meeting, that way there is no pressure and you can make an informed decision in your own time.  Give me a call to book meeting and we can discuss it in detail.

I shoot weddings all over the country and abroad so meeting before the wedding isn’t always possible, in these case I often use skype.