Commercial Photography Prices

half day/4hours  £350
full day/8hours  £500

You only pay for time spent taking picture, all standard post production and editing is included. Please note that discounts may be available for large volumes and for repeat customers. Cost of locations, props and models will be charged separately
Please call for a quote. Location work is +55p/mile.  Price includes full resolution edited images on CD and downloadable images on the website.

The first question is usually “How many photographs do/can you take in an hour. Well this is kind of a “How long is a piece of String” question, the answer is determined by so many variables that without at least a basic brief it it impossible to answer accurately.

We have put together a few case studies so that you can get a rough idea

Product photograpahy Prices
Case study 1 – Henry james ShoesHenry James have an extensive catalogue of mens shoes that is constantly being updated and as such have a need for regular product photography.  Each pair of shoes is photographed in 5 different arrangements and each image is retouched and resized for their website so all they have to do is upload them.

Based on an hourly rate of £95/hour. We have established a convenient cost per pair of shoes of  £20.

Commercial Photography RatesCommercial Photographer costCommercial Photography pricesProduct photography pricesCommercial Photography Rates

Henry James Shoes also have banners on their site of various different ranges.  The more common one is an arrangement of shoes on a white background.  These banner images involve up to 5 pairs of shoes all very carefully and creatively arranged.  These shots obviously take far longer to take so they cost more, between £25-£45 each depending on the complexity and includes adding text to the images.   We have also created various on location  lifestyle images that involved the hire of models and locations plus the addition of travelling expenses.

Website photography banners
Product Photography Cost