The beautiful lake Como was the setting for Maren and Kristoph’s wedding. A German couple living in Switzerland getting married in Italy, now that was an adventure.  So how did you get the job of photographing this wedding you may ask. Like most of my weddings it was a referral, of sorts. Maren was a bridesmaid at a wedding I photographed about 5 years ago, I remembered her because she brought a print and I had to send it to Switzerland.  So last year I got an email from Maren saying she always wanted me to photograph her wedding and would I mind travelling to Lake Como. Um… let me think…ok, what an honour.

A bit of planning later

I flew to Milan from gatwick the day before the wedding, got in a hire car with a Canadian guitar player from Greenwich (also going to the wedding, not just a random) and headed for the lake.

Most of the rest I can tell with pictures so stop reading and start looking 🙂