Another photo day with a vets, this time City Vets in Exeter.  Probably the grandest building I have seen used by a vet and inside doesnt disappoint either.   City Vets are just about to achieve Hospital Status which is a huge achievement and a reflection of high standards of care equipment and facilities on offer at City Vets.    The photo day ran for about 6 hours  from 10 am until 4pm and we ended up with about 1100 images from which about 600 were deleted and the remaining 495 are considered keepers.  Here is a very small selection of images from the day.

City-Vets-_MG_2155City-Vets-_MG_2115 City-Vets-_MG_2075 untitled-_MG_1445 untitled-_MG_1426 City-Vets-_MG_2061 untitled-_MG_1355 City-Vets-_MG_1932 City-Vets-_MG_1894 untitled-_MG_1331 untitled-_MG_1209 City-Vets-_MG_1830 untitled-_MG_1647 untitled-_MG_1189 untitled-_MG_1181 untitled-_MG_1628 untitled-_MG_1456 untitled-_MG_1455