Specialised Veterinary
Photography and Vet Re-Branding

Vet Photographer Vet Photographer

Over the last few years we have been commissioned to produce the vet photography  for the re-branding of veterinary practices across the UK. Commercial Vet Photography is a highly specialized disciple that requires a very specific skill set.  We have to be good with people, and animals for a start! Specialized lighting set ups are required to photograph labs,vets surgeries, x-rays and ultrasound machines. Take a look at the commercial  vet photography gallery below and for an idea of the type  of veterinary surgery photographs we provide.

 Normally we would spend half a day about 10am-2pm getting a variety of shots to show off your premises and your equipment to their best.  We will also take a number of consultation type shots, usually with the staffs own pets as well as lots of cute and cuddly shots to show how much you love animals.  Please don’t be put off if your veterinary practice is modest or even in need of improvement, its our job to make sure it looks god and we have achieved this many times. We take on commissions independently but also work closely with Initial Ideas who handle design, print and web services based around the re-branding of vets..

Typical Vet Photography Day

I have Photographed over 50 Vet’s practices over the last 3 years and  I have a format that seems to work quite well, as follows.

4 hours shoot from 10am-2pm on a relatively quiet day.  It is great if staff can bring in their pets for the morning so we have lots of animals to photograph and include in shots.
Very often vet have friendly clients that are more than willing to  bring in different/exotic/cute animals/puppies/kittens in exchange for a few photos.

There are a few shots that I normally try and get, they include

A busy reception shot – Client, vets and pets included.
Veterinary  Photography - Busy Reception

A few “consultation” shots with different animals and clients-  Showing a caring and informative appointment with a client and their pet.

A lab shot – Showing various veterinary lab equipment and lab staff testing bloods or using a microscope.(Don’t worry if any of the rooms don’t look great, I’ll make them look good)
Pennard-9227 Commercial_Photographer_Syman_Kaye_008 Vet Photographer

A veterinary surgery Shot – A “mock up” of a surgical procedure using a drape and pillow, Diagnostics shot X-ray or Ultra Sound- Showing the equipment being used

Vet Photographer-_MG_3512    DrDooLittle_-9689Commercial_Photographer_Syman_Kaye_004 Veterinary  Photography Ultra SoundVet Photographer-_MG_3528 Vet Photographer-_MG_3500 Veterinary  Photography - SurgeryVet Photographer-_E0K3165

Vet X Ray Photographer

An ultra sound shot
Pennard-9400 DrDooLittle_-9715-2

A busy Prep-room shot.
_MG_7025 Vet Photographer-_MG_3565

Lots of cute and cuddly shots of vets with animals
Willett_House-2140 Goddards_Hydro-8838 wheel_house-2527 Willett_House-1590
Vets and Nurses interacting with animals
Vet Photographer-_E0K2905  Vet Photographer-_E0K2952 Vet Photographer-_E0K3018 Vet Photographer Syman Kaye Veterinary  PhotographyVeterinary  Photography

A pharmacy shot – showing prescriptions being fulfilled.

A cage shot –  Showing animals being nursed/feed by caring staff.
Goddards_Hydro-8889 Veterinary  Photography - Overnight Animal Facilities

A shot of the Practice vehicle/van/ambulance
Hydrotherapy if available.
Animal Hydrotherapy photography

Head shots of all the staff.

If you do large animal off site work but if you have a willing client locally then a few shots of a vet checking on horses or cows can be nice

Equine Vet Photography

Here are a few links to examples of what can be generally be achieved in 4 hours on a quiet working day.

Vet Photography examples from real practices.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

The total cost for the above is £550 including all edited images on disk. This includes all travelling expenses and specialist enhanced editing of the images.

There will be some photographer  that will be cheaper and some that more expensive but I doubt that any photographer in the UK has as much veterinary specific experience as I do.

Initially it is good to have a meeting to discuss what you require from the day and also for me to add a few suggestions that have worked well in the past.  If you are a significant distance from us then a meeting before may not be possible but a telephone or skype consultation can work equally well.

Here are just a few of the vets I have done the photography for.